Our Vision - LPG as the alternative energy of choice

LPG and renewable LPG including bioLPG, rDME and other drop-in and complementary gases are acknowledged in Europe as the clean, available and innovative alternative energy of choice, that brings great benefits today to all users and will continue to deliver even more value in the future.

Liquid Gas Europe is composed of national LPG associations, main LPG suppliers, distributors and equipment manufacturers of LPG and renewable LPG including bioLPG, renewable DME (rDME) and other drop-in and complementary gases. With the support of its working groups of industry experts, Liquid Gas Europe is actively involved in concrete initiatives and programs to ensure the sustainable, safe and efficient development of LPG in Europe.

Liquid Gas Europe's Mission is to ensure the EU policy community embrace our vision to establish LPG and renewable LPG as the alternative energy of choice supporting the EU policy agenda. 

We will focus our efforts in three core areas:

 engage Demonstrate to European policy makers and stakeholders how LPG can be the clean, available and innovative energy of choice to many energy segments, in particular for residential, commercial, mobility, industrial or leisure purposes.
 develop Represent the industry in all relevant policy and regulatory discussions at European level and secure high-quality standards, maximising safety, for the products and its many applications.
 lpg Channel our collective LPG expertise with various stakeholders from other industries to jointly support the EU in achieving the goals of air quality improvement, decarbonisation, energy resilience and energy efficiency improvement.


As an active and engaged EU stakeholder, Liquid Gas Europe participates in a wide range of stakeholder consultations and conferences, and enjoys productive bilateral cooperation with a vast array of partners representing the EU institutions, other trade associations, NGOs and the press.