Sustainable Mobility in Europe

Powering over 8 million vehicles and supported by a network of over 31.000 refueling stations, Autogas is part of the solution for the future of European sustainable mobility.

Autogas, also known as automotive LPG, offers key benefits to consumers, the environment, and the economy alike. It is low-hanging fruit for tackling Europe’s climate change and air pollution challenges.

Autogas is suitable for cars, vans, trucks, and buses. Individual drivers can choose their new LPG car among over 70 models, proposed by the biggest car brands with full manufacturer warranty and other benefits. In addition, most petrol vehicles in the market can be converted to LPG, which is a customer-friendly option for used vehicles.

According to the latest real driving emission tests, Autogas cars produce 90% fewer particulates, and up to 20% less CO2 than equivalent petrol models. LPG also brings a 98% NOx emission reduction when compared to similar diesel vehicles on the road. In addition, the hybridization of Autogas vehicles allows combining the benefits of electricity together with a longer range provided by a cleaner fuel.

Autogas is cleaner, affordable for drivers and for society, and available both in terms of technology and refueling infrastructure.

Liquid Gas Europe's Key Messages for Policy-Makers on Road Transport:

  • Maintain the definition of Alternative Fuels in AFID to ensure continued support for low-carbon and renewable alternative fuels
  • Ensure recognition of the benefits of alternative fuels in all EU transport policy proposals
  • Ensure predictability for investment, through consistent policy initiatives, also guaranteeing technology neutrality
  • The transition from a tailpipe measurement of vehicle emissions to ensure the inclusion of low-carbon and renewable fuels
  • Develop a strategy addressing CO2 and pollutant emissions from the existing fleet, also promoting retrofitting

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