Liquid Gas Europe co-signed the Turin joint statement on sustainable biofuels on 29 April

On Monday, 29 April, Liquid Gas Europe co-signed the Turin joint statement on sustainable biofuels.

Despite efforts to diversify energy sources, fossil fuels still meet 95% of the overall energy needs of the transport sector, which currently accounts for 26% of global final energy consumption and for 21% of CO2 emissions, with road transport being responsible for more than three-quarters of these emissions. We therefore:

  • Express our full support for ambitious climate and energy policies and the need to defossilise all modes of transport as an integral part of these ambitions.
  • View sustainable biofuels and related value chains among the main pillars of transport decarbonisation together with electrification, energy efficiency and other sustainable fuels.
  • Recognise that during the transition the role of each technology will vary over time and vary by country, as a reflection of its own resources, national context and sustainable development priorities.

The sustainable biofuels industry represents a milestone on the path to the full development of integrated biorefineries, contributing to the progressive replacement of the current oil refinery in the production of sustainable chemicals and fuels, a sector to which industry is committed and already investing efforts and resources.

We stand ready to support the G7 and G20 in unlocking the potential of sustainable biofuels.

Find out more in our joint statement here.