LPG Distributors

Through decades of experience, operators in the LPG sector have acquired considerable expertise in terms of production, distribution, storage and transport of their product. The Liquid Gas Europe’s members provide this technical mastery not only to the association itself but also to all political decision-makers and other stakeholders involved in the energy sector in the widest sense. The diverse background and experiences of companies of different sizes operating in numerous countries constitutes a valuable resource for EU decisionmakers faced with the challenge of developing legislation covering the whole of Europe.

National Associations

The national associations belonging to the Liquid Gas Europe play a fundamental role in the European LPG industry. Pooling the collective knowledge of their members – producers, distributors, equipment manufacturers, experts – they actively contribute to the development of energy policy by national decision-makers. They therefore constitute a vital resource, allowing the Liquid Gas Europe to address European and international authorities as the legitimate representative of the LPG sector for the whole of Europe.

Affiliate Members

Companies or corporations with extensive interests in the LPG industry through their activities in (but not restricted to) the fields of exploration, production, transportation, distribution, storage, equipment, application, utilization, safety, finance or insurance may be admitted to the Liquid Gas Europe as affiliate members. Regardless of their size, such entities make an important contribution to the Liquid Gas Europe by providing high-level input in their specific field of expertise.