European Parliament approves its position on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), recognising role of renewable liquid fuels in heating

On 14 March 2023, the European Parliament adopted its position on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), a positive step towards ensuring a just energy transition, acknowledging the needs of both urban and rural households. The report prepared by Ciarán Cuffe, MEP has been adopted with 343 votes in favour, 216 against and 78 abstentions.

Since the beginning of the discussion on EPBD, Liquid Gas Europe has been advocating for a technology-neutral approach to decarbonizing buildings, enabling consumers to make the best possible decision for their specific situation. Therefore, we welcome the final Position recognizing the role of renewable-ready boilers in the EU building stock as well as the option for renewable energy to be stored on-site, not only generated as originally proposed, in zero-emission buildings of the future.

As the liquid gas sector aims to fully decarbonize its products by 2050, the European Parliament’s position sends a positive signal to investors and producers of bioLPG and renewable DME. It is our hope that a technology-neutral approach and the recognition of the potential of renewable-ready boilers are consolidated during the negotiations with the European Commission and EU Member States. We firmly believe that it is crucial for the final text of the EPBD to uphold these important aspects, which will enable all households to contribute to the effort of decarbonization of the EU building stock while leaving no one behind.