Autogas opportunities: enabling the reduction of emissions

Autogas is an immediate alternative fuel solution that can address the emissions from the 250 million+ passenger cars on the road today.

The vast majority of the 250 million passenger cars already on EU roads today run on petrol and diesel. According to ACEA statistics, 97% of new car sales in 2019 were vehicles with internal combustion engines, which will stay on the road for 11+ years. Rapid decarbonisation and air quality improvements require new and parallel measures be taken to enable the reduction of emissions from older vehicles, such as LPG retrofit programmes. During a time of economic recession where new car sales are forecasted to drop by 25% this year, measures other than new vehicle purchase programmes should be deployed to ensure a just social transition towards the overall goal of carbon neutrality and clean air.

250 Million #AutogasOpportunities - a retrofitting solution

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Affordable Cleaner
The retrofit cost is from 500-2K Euro, and quickly recouped by the driver through lower fuel costs. Consumers save on average 50% compared to conventional fuels, and at the same time reducing emissions. Autogas produces much fewer polluting particles than conventional fuels - 98% less NOx than diesel and 90% less PM than petrol. It is a real solution to address air quality immediately.
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More than million cars run on Autogas on European roads. Autogas is the most used alternative fuels in the EU and a mature technology. BioLPG is a drop-in ready substitute which doesn’t require new technologies or infrastructure development. BioLPG has the potential to meet 100% of European LPG demand by 2050.


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Vision for Autogas

Road transport is responsible for over 70% of all transport sector GHG emissions, and remains a critical challenge for the environment. Pollutant emissions are also a major health risk for EU citizens. Autogas can play a significant role in reducing both GHGs and pollutant emissions, today.

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