The European Liquid Gas Congress will open its doors this June 29-30 in Barcelona, Spain

The European Liquid Gas Congress will open its doors this June 29-30 in Barcelona, Spain

With over 100 exhibitors and 9 sessions planned, this year’s congress will focus on the theme ‘accelerating a sustainable future’ and the role liquid gases will play in the green transition.

On June 29-30, the European Liquid Gas Congress will take place in Barcelona, Spain. The congress will offer a unique opportunity to not only discuss the future of energy and how liquid gases are perfectly placed to help reach energy and climate goals, but for participants to also experience first-hand what these technologies have to offer.

Under the theme ‘accelerating a sustainable future’, the congress will address issues such as the impact of the climate and energy package on the most vulnerable consumers, and how to ensure that all consumers and businesses have access to cleaner and more efficient energy sources.

Over the course of two days, aside from the 9 sessions planned, participants will be able to experience the latest technological innovations from over 100 exhibitors, connect in person with industry peers to network, as well as discuss about latest trends and challenges the liquid gas industry faces.  

“The European Liquid Gas Congress will address the most recent developments at EU level, and how liquid gases can help tackle the urgent climate crisis”, said Ewa Abramiuk-Lété, General Manager at Liquid Gas Europe. “Our industry is at a pivotal moment, and this year’s congress will offer the opportunity to demonstrate how we are constantly innovating to develop new solutions that will help build a better future for all. We need to act now if we want to make the green transition a reality, and if we want to succeed, we will need to have the proper legislative landscape in place”.

We look forward to welcoming you to this year’s congress in Barcelona, and be part of shaping the future of liquid gaseous fuels!


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