It's your chance


The European Union is facing important environmental challenges and for this reason it is acting to make the energy sector more sustainable. Climate change is starting to show its effects and air pollution is causing hundreds of thousands of premature deaths in Europe each year. These phenomena largely are the result of unsustainable energy choices. A wider uptake of LPG and renewable LPG could significantly help in addressing these challenges.


In May 2019, new EU elections will take place and new policymakers will join the European institutions. In order to ensure continuity in EU policies on sustainable energy, it is key to ensure that incoming MEP’s and Commissioners are up to speed on the environmental challenges that Europe is facing and on what are the available solutions.

For this reason, Liquid Gas Europe developed a manifesto explaining what policy options can help unlocking Europe’s goals to decarbonise the economy and ensure that European citizens have access to clean air and how the LPG industry can contribute to these efforts.

You can read here Liquid Gas Europe’s policy priorities for the 2019-2024 European Parliament term.


It's your chance to clean up the air

It's your chance to tackle climate change 

  It's your chance to roll out renewable energy